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Build all of your creative fantasies or go on daring adventures in this block-building video game

Build all of your creative fantasies or go on daring adventures in this block-building video game

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Program license: Paid

Program by: Mojang

Version: 1.20

Works under: Android

Also available for Mac Windows


Program license

(47,622 votes)


Program by




Works under:

Also available for


Mac Windows

Minecraft is one of the most beloved survival and building games in the world and one that you can play in several different ways. If you love playing when you're on the go, try Minecraft for Android. This mobile version of the game has all of the features that you love and allows you to save your progress. You can play from the comfort of your home and while you're out and about, including on breaks from work or school and while waiting in line.

Compatible with most Android phones and devices that use the same operating system, this version of Minecraft features unlimited worlds and tons of ways to play. Player reviews are quite high, with many pointing out that this is the best version of the game. As a cross-platform game, it allows you to connect your accounts from different devices and play in the same virtual world. You can use both Windows 10 and Android devices as well as your Xbox One. As long as you have a copy of the game for each device, you won't have any problems saving your progress as you play on each one.

A nice feature of this game is that it works well on touchscreen devices. A common issue that some players had with other versions was that they couldn't build and move as easily as they wanted due to their controllers. You can now do everything that you want to do with a few swipes of your hand. Enjoy mining for the raw materials that you use to build structures and interacting with other players through your touchscreen. The game responds quickly and much faster than some expected to help you do more in less time.

As a sandbox game, Minecraft doesn't have set goals the way some games do. It allows you to explore millions of virtual worlds and build your own. Minecraft refers to the worlds as biomes and gives you the freedom to explore them all. As you explore, you will come across some bots called mobs along with real players. Using the chat feature helps you talk to them and pick up tips, which comes in handy if you never played the game before. The game also lets you interact with the mobs to add to your overall gameplay. You might find a wild panda or fox that you tame to unlock new features or a group of villagers who eventually accept you as a new friend.

Before you start playing, you need to pick from the three Minecraft modes that will determine your gameplay. The first is a creative mode. Instead of asking you to do specific things, this mode introduces you to the game and shows you how to mine raw materials. You use those materials to build new houses and other structures within the game. It also allows you to check out other worlds and draw inspiration from what other players built.

If you prefer action and survival games, select survival mode. This mode is similar to those found in other games. You enter Minecraft in a virtual world built for you. The game teaches you how to mine and shows you how to use the materials that you find. It also asks you to look for food that will keep your character alive and give you the energy to build. Farming within the game helps you produce the seeds that let you build new worlds. Each world allows you to create something new and different based on your imagination and skills. You also need to build structures to hide your character from the monsters lurking in the wild.

The third mode available in the game is a multiplayer mode that pits you against other players. There are thousands of Minecraft servers that other players created, which you can join. You need a good internet connection to access those servers and ensure that you don't leave before saving your game. If you want to play with friends, the game has a split-screen option for local players. This allows each player to play on a different console or device and compete within the same world.

One of the most difficult parts of Minecraft for Android is learning how to use your Minecraft in place of a controller. You need to swipe your hand across the screen to check your inventory and see the materials and supplies that you have. This shows you what you can build and what materials you still need. Once you have enough materials to build blocks, the touchscreen lets you use one finger to move those blocks into place and adjust them as needed. With split-touch controls, you can easily use different types of controls on a large screen.

If you tried Minecraft before and felt it was a little boring, you'll like the option of adding new features to your game. These features help you customize both your character and structures as well as your world. Head over to the Alien Invasion world that the developers introduced at E3 and download a pack that brings aliens into your world. Castle Siege is another popular addition that you can download. All of the optional features are available through your Android device. You simply pick which ones you want and download them. They become available almost instantly.

When first introduced, Minecraft for Android did not include any microtransactions. The developers said that they wanted to give everyone access to the game without charging them more than what they paid for the game. When you sign up today, you will find loads of microtransactions available through the marketplace, including both custom features for your character and raw materials that you can buy from others. It now features more paid options than it does free ones. You may find that some players are less welcoming than others and slightly rude if you ask questions. This version of Minecraft also has a small learning curve for those who never played it before.

Despite those issues, the game offers a lot of fun for most players. It is suitable for all ages and perfect for kids who have mobile devices. You can easily spend hours creating a perfect world filled with structures that you built from scratch and mining to get all of the supplies needed to make your dreams come true. Expanding your world is as easy as joining one of the servers, which allows you to interact with people from around the world. With three available modes, the game lets you pick what you want to do and how you want to play. Download Minecraft for any Android device and start playing today.


  • Three fun modes that are suitable for players of all skill levels
  • Large community filled with helpful players
  • Offers the chance to build and customize a virtual world
  • Compatible with Android and Windows 10 devices
  • Allows you to connect the games and accounts that you have on other devices


  • Tends to look a little dull when compared to other versions
  • Features more paid packs and add-ons than free options
  • Some players aren't welcoming to beginners
  • Has a small learning curve for new players