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Role-playing game working with others or alone to create buildings and caves

Role-playing game working with others or alone to create buildings and caves

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Program license: Paid

Developer: Mojang Specifications

Version: 1.20.41

Works under: Mac

Also available for Android Windows


Program license

(5,355 votes)




Mojang Specifications


Works under:

Also available for


Android Windows

Perhaps the greatest, largest and most popular sandbox game to ever be released on the marketplace, featuring endless things to do

An Overview of Minecraft

Games have certainly come a long way since Pong and Pac-Man and the days of Atari and the arcade. Today’s games are ultra-realistic and more popular than ever. However, in the world of games that go to great lengths to provide realism, Minecraft has achieved legendary status with pixelated characters that look like those old-school 8-bit square characters from gaming’s inception.

This game is played by over 91 million people around the planet. It’s available on the Mac, PC, and mobile devices. There are endless mods, MMO servers, teams, missions, and so much more. You can build and defend entire cities, or you can go wreck other people’s creations. Minecraft is the epitome of open-world fun in a video game.

Best of all, this isn’t a game that you need to own a professional gaming computer for. An average computer with average processing power can give you a great gaming experience, and the pixelated characters and landscape means that you won’t have to run an expensive GPU for great graphics.

What Minecraft Is and What It Does

Most have heard of Minecraft, even if they’ve never played it. It’s everywhere in pop culture. Basically, this is a sandbox game, which means the goal is to create. As per its name, the game initially started out with an emphasis on mining certain materials to help you build and level and gain wealth inside of the world. It has progressed now to be so much more and to offer endless entertainment.

A lot of Minecraft players really have positive things to say about how easy the controls are. When it comes to wreaking havoc on the scenery, you just smash and bash everything in sight. You swing your pick axe to mine. And you press a few simple buttons to build. The game is simplicity personified, a throwback to games of old.

The game was developed by Mojang and released in 2011. It has become so popular that it’s available on the PlayStation, Xbox, Windows, iOS, Wii U, Nintendo Switch, and more.

Features of Minecraft

The first feature about this game that really catches a player’s eye is the ability to create. You can create huge, complex caverns, seemingly endless open-world structures, and even an entire world in which you can rule and play. However, this gameplay mechanic is intensified by the fact that other players, and in-game villains, are always out to smash and destroy what’s yours, so there’s definitely a survival theme with the game.

Players quickly learn about the cool features. The game drops you into the open world, where you have no choice but to explore. Though after the sun sets, the monsters come out to kill you. So you figure out right away that you have to build shelter to survive. Then you open up and begin learning about the features, such as collecting wood, stone, coal, building weapons, and more.

The game is constantly patched and improved, delivering more features regularly and more worlds in which to explore, create and destroy. All the many features truly allow anyone to stretch their imagination to the limits.

Pros and Cons of Minecraft


  • An unfathomably large open-world game
  • Tons of unique features to create and destroy things
  • Runs very well on an average machine
  • Perhaps one of the most creative games out there
  • Glitches and bugs might be commonplace
  • Very little exploring freedom with online servers